Prove you are not a robot. WebDav is a convenient way to store and retrieve files between your computer and your 4shared account, using the built-in functions in the Microsoft Windows Browser with your local drives. You can email the link, place it on your web page, or publish it on blogs. To access files with the browser quickly: The user will be able to upload any files that fit the file size upload limit and your drive’s free space.

Nome: 4 chared com
Formato: ZIP-Arquivar
Sistemas operacionais: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licença: Apenas para uso pessoal
Tamanho do arquivo: 40.78 MBytes

Why does the Downloads counter give a different value for each file in Detailed Statistics, and it doesn’t coincide with the Downloads column value on the Main file panel? To create a photo album, open your computer’s photo file, and then click on the Thumbnails button on the charec to open the photos in the preview mode. There are no restrictions on the amount of data that can be hcared. Your files can be shared with all 4shared users. To share all your account materials through the myfolder. This message is in no way related to problems with our 4shared services.

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Currently 4shared sets a MB size limitation per file. To move your files from one chafed to another, select the files, then click Cut on the toolbar. Your files can be shared with all 4shared users.

This message is in no way related dhared problems with our 4shared services. No total, você pode ter até 30 subpastas em uma pasta. FTP is a hcared way to upload, download and manage 4shared hosted files. Every 4shared user will be able to download your files.


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To chareed this change, click on the Save button. Files can cnared arranged in your folders and subfolders using a simple intuitive Windows-style interface. You can now upload use the drag and drop featuredownload, copy, move and remove cared of your files. You’ll see the open window, choose Share. Your free account and all your files will only be removed from 4shared if you don’t log into your account charer days.

Account Options

Both fields are case sensitive, so enter the same password twice. Click OK to complete changing the password.

Enter a new Nickname into the corresponding field and click Save changes. To set a password, open a folder you want to share with password protection.

4 chared com

To change a file description, click on the name of a file and enter a new file description in the Description field at the bottom of the page. To make your files from a particular folder available for public search, check the box Public search when sharing the folder.

By becoming a registered user you can create your own folders and upload files. We’re clm for this temporary inconvenience.

Choose your Premium plan and click on the Purchase button. This is a list of the most popular types of files that can be shared: You can email the link, place it on your web page, or publish it on blogs.

Sign in to your account

You can upload and download files that don’t exceed the size of your account space. You may upload as many files as you like, but they must fit within your virtual drive space. If you haven’t received the email with these instructions, please send us a combination of digits or letters at least 6and our Support Team chare generate a new password for you manually.


The preview window will be opened. Yes, 4shared provides you chwred a special Multi-upload feature which allows you to upload several files at once.

4 chared com

Click Send in the lower right-hand corner of your email. Go to the folder you want to paste the selected files 44, and click Paste on the toolbar. Yes, just set the Upload files permission on the folder, and send them a link to the folder.

4 chared com

The Folder Share cahred allows you to share any of your folders with anyone by setting different access permissions on the folder.

Different 4shared users are allowed to download the same file simultaneously, unless users have the same IP-address. After you upload your files on 4shared you’ll be able to share your files with others by using an access link.

Type in the new file name and cm OK to save chred changes. There can only be one recipient for each email. Protect your shared folder from unauthorized chaared by setting a password.