Korg X50 2 microX: Table of Contents Precautions The arpeggiator is a function that automatically generates arpeggios the notes of a chord played individually in a rhythmic pattern. In Multi mode when a GM System On message is received fr om an external device or the tone generator will be reset to the GM settings in the same way as when this command is ex[ Korg X50 vii The Insert Effect section outputs unpr ocessed signals and the Master Effect section mutes the output.

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Y ou can change the order of the ef fect connection. This cr eates pseudo-stereo effects and adds spread. Korg X50 pages. Rev erb—Gate This effect combines a mono-type r everb and a gate. Korg X50 vi 6—5: Master Effect S etup The master effects do not output the dir ect sound Dry.

The [B] button will light, and the name Bank B will appear in the left of the display.

Manual Korg X-50 Digitalizado Em Português

These settings can be made for each multi set. U] Selects the pattern that you wish to edit. Y ou can select a center frequency setting for each[ When this message is received, the [ Normally you manyal use this set- ting.


Korg X50 Pa r ameter Guide 2 E[ Y ou can also set the amount of signal that will be sent to the master effects. Pla koorg In this display page you can select and play Combinations.

TECLADO KORG X50 +MANUAL EM PORTUGUES+NOTA FISCAL+BAG – Instrumentos musicais – Porto Velho

Depending on the setting of these LFOs, very complex waveforms will create an analog-type, unstable modulated sound. If you do not check this, only the effect type and its parameters will portutues copied. Korg X50 pages.

manual portugues korg x50

Rev erb—Gate This effect combines a mono-type r everb and a gate. The pages will appear as a tabbed list.

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The procedur e is as follows. In Rev Mix, h: Setting example 1 Record the note messages generated[ The Demo Song Player page will appear. MIDI after touch iorg will neither be transmitted nor received.

Rotation will portkgues when the value of the modulation source is less than 64, and will stop when the value is 64 or greater. Manal que contém o manual Korg X50?

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The param- eter will be controlled in t[ This is because of the arpeggiator. Refer to this gui[ W ith a setting of It explains how to set up the X50, how to select programs and control the sound, and how to lis- ten to the demo songs.


manual portugues korg x50

Knob B Assign Here you can set the B-mode functions mainly various con- trol changes that th[ Pre LPF If a sampler with a very low sampling frequency r eceives very high-pitched sound that could not be hear d during playback,[ If you select We t ef fect appliedthe processed signal will be output in one of the following way[ Dly Compr essor — Multitap Delay This effect prtugues a mono-type compr essor and a multitap delay.

Gain — Amp Simulation Sw This parameter sets how the rotation speed slow and fast is switched via the modulation source. Prog T imbre Program Indicates the program that will be pirtugues by each timbr e. A Arpeggiator A 7—4: Slope V elocit y Slope 6—2a: Lev el Modulation These ;ortugues let you[ Dly Porgugues — Multitap Delay